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Shula and Mym are a mother/daughter team from Melbourne who love to make things. They acquired Kapinny when Mym was 4, and have been sharing skills together ever since.

Mym is 15, loves art, philosophy, Myspace, Johnny Depp, planning her next outfit, decorating her friends, drawing, baking, and clothes shopping, not necessarily in that order.

Shula prefers the company of animals and herself to Other People. She likes big dogs, bigger cars, hard men and excellent coffee. When not working in her studio or chained to the kitchen sink, she studies Iyengar yoga, in the hope of one day becoming a teacher.

Kapinny grew up crafting. She learned to use a domestic sewing machine at age 10 and never looked back; though she also feels that hand sewing is one of life's pleasures. Kapinny (a nickname she owes to Shula) is short for Linny Kapinny, which is long for Linnet. She has been decorated by Mym more times than she can count, always to marvellous effect.

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